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Justin Moore

Justin Moore Fine Art Illustrator

Quincy, IL


Justin Moore is a successful artist for over 10 years.

With over several clients satisfied with the photorealism done in graphite / pencil of clients of themselves and of the clients family members. He has sold many of his prints of paintings he has done with some original work at several art shows that he was invited to, along with his good friend Dale Loos that has been with him at the events and at his ring side when he did amature boxing for fun.

He's currently learning (self teaching himself) different style / techniques with graphit. Also he is currently involved at a public school with the art teacher, incouraging students to push harder with thier art work and to go after thier dreams. Justin specializes in graphite, photo realism, photography (for himself), pen and ink, comics, T-shirt/ tattoo designing, pop art, and modern art.

Justin Moore a Missouri native known for his natural talent and realistic sketches. Sketching has been his passion since childhood, continually adapting and changing, his art is as diverse as he is. From photo to watercolor, his art is known for it's photo realism.

All images have some rights licensed to companies for various products. For more information on each image and various products available please contact Justin.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: 2012-2013 Justin Moore. All rights reserved. None of my artwork may be reproduced in any form outside of this venue without written permission. All of my designs and artwork do not belong to the public domain and the purchase of any of my prints does not transfer reproduction rights. If you wish to reproduce my work in any form please contact me for specific license availability.



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